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Massage & Bodywork
I’m passionate about my work and making a real difference in people’s lives, in their healing journeys and journeys of self discovery. I’ve been doing bodywork for almost a decade now and it has been one of the most rewarding and profound experiences of my life.
Massage is more than pain relief and relaxation, though those things are wonderful and life-altering. It can bring a sense of connection and being seen on a non-judgmental level many of us don’t often experience, a chance to come home to ourselves, into our body and out of our head, to turn off a noisy, busy brain and be very present. To reach a very deeply relaxed, liminal state between sleep and wakefulness. 

It is not unusual for me to experience a state of flow and joy while giving bodywork. It is an art and a dance as well. I am honored and humbled to have been given this gift to help others heal and to hold space for you,

Dawn Conyers
Massage Therapist, Airbnb and Real Estate Entrepreneur and Consultant, teacher, once M.D.


Born and raised in Alaska to adventurous parents, who left the dry, flat panhandle of west Texas in their late 60s mustang and drove the Alaska-Canada Highway on a whim with no employment and no family waiting their arrival, I gained a questing, independent, march-to-my-own-drummer streak early on. And a Gypsy soul to travel the world, meeting all sorts of people in their slice of life and thrilling at the discovery of the new, different and foreign.
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Since 2014



30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 minute sessions

Deep tissue, Lomi Flow, Injury Rehab, Swedish Relaxation, Seated Ashiatsu, Post-Surgical, Lymphatic Drainage

Massage + Infrared Sauna

60, 75 and 90 minute massage + 15-30 minute infrared session

Cap off your massage with a 5-15 minute session in an infrared sauna. The light from an infrared sauna gives a penetrating warmth directly on your skin to deliver heat therapy benefits. See booking page for more info on benefits.

Facial Treatments

30, 45, and 60 minute sessions

Increase blood flow, enhance moisture, suppleness, appearance of fine lines. Tone & clarify.   

  +TMJD relief focused sessions

Massage Lessons

From 1.5 hours to multi-day sessions for you and a partner, friend or family member. 

Or at your location as part of your retreat, corporate event, birthday party, girls' getaway.

Energy Work

30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 minute sessions

The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which we cannot see and (mostly) cannot sense on a conscious level has a variety of names cross-culturally, going back prehistorically. Working with these energy frequencies is an ancient cross-cultural practice as well.

Working with energy is not about curing, but about helping your mind, body and spirit come to a place at any given moment that supports the body’s ability to heal and mend itself.

Dream Work

Dreams aren’t just an assortment of random happenings of our day, void of meaning. If we cultivate a relationship with our dream world and dream self, we can unravel the rich symbology within them, messages from our subconscious and higher self, to guide us in our daily lives and bigger goals, to navigate challenges and break or form habits.

Guided Journeying Meditation

Journeying is a form of deep, creative and imaginative meditation and exploration, connection with the higher self and Spirit/the interconnectedness of things on a quantum level. I have over a decade of experience journeying and guiding others on journeys using drumming, other specific music and my voice. 

Most people make connections, have aha realizations, feel deep relaxation in the liminal, meditative state between sleep and wakefulness, and sometimes even have profound experiences.

HSP/Empath Life, Relationship and Work Coaching

Been called too sensitive for most of your life? Pick up on the emotions of others, find a room full of people exhausting? Feel like there's nothing left at the end of the day and find yourself over giving, subsuming your needs for others? Gain tools to navigate life from an experienced empath.

Airbnb Consulting

Consulting for Your Target Market, Set-Up and Management, Creation of Listings, Shopping, Design, Integration with Channel Manager Software, Dynamic Pricing Software, Smart Locks, On-Going Management options

Weekend Retreats

I offer bodywork sessions, guided journeying meditation, intuitive energy work and dream work, massage instruction, and dance therapy (embodied, freeing dance for processing old stuff, new stuff and reclaiming your sexuality, power and creativity--and for the joy of it).

I can bring these to your weekend, multi-day or day retreat.

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