Ashiatsu at Maire!


Just what is Ashiatsu and what can it do for you?

“Ashi” is a Japanese word meaning foot and “atsu” is a Japanese word meaning pressure. Many versions of Ashiatsu have developed over the years and gliding effleurage is what it’s most famous for now in the United States–deep, gliding compression. Padded, sanitized, soles provide a luxurious feel that is not only deeper, but more soothing and comfortable than traditional massage. Feet vs. hands stimulate your “rest and repair” parasympathetic nervous system, allowing your body and mind to dive deeper into relaxation.

Ashiatsu movements along the paraspinal muscles and the lumbar region help lengthen the spine and can help relieve irritation on the spinal nerves and connective tissue.

Think “hurts so good” instead of “no pain no gain.” You’ll experience pressure on the deeper layers of muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues without wincing, clenching or holding your breath, which sometimes occurs from too deep pressure from bony elbows, knuckles or thumbs. A more gentle deep tissue, a more relaxing experience.

Ashiatsu barefoot massage is effective for treating and preventing a wide variety of athletic injuries, aches, strains and muscle tightness. Many clients report significant decreases in pain with noticeable increases in range of motion and athletic performance over time.

Ashiatsu work is deeper than a typical deep tissue session, but feels like the best parts of a relaxing, luxurious Swedish massage, a combination of deep, yet gentle, broad-based pressure. Long, expansive, body connecting, deep passes support the lymphatic and parasympathetic nervous systems more efficiently than traditional massage, creating a sense of well-being, increasing range of motion, improvement of bodily functions, and homeostasis.

Typically, just 20 minutes of Ashiatsu can do what takes an hour of Swedish massage to achieve. 

Long, consistent compression from a well trained foot helps release adhesions, trigger points and chronic holding patterns, and encourages your body’s natural healing potential.

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