Best Electric Massage Table

Why You Need an Electric Massage Table

Do you want to extend your massage career and give your clients your best work possible? An adjustable electric table is a key player in helping you do that. No two ways about it, even with good ergonomics, when you are giving quality massage and bodywork, it can take a toll on your own joints and muscles. But you can do a number of things to greatly reduce and slow down that impact. You can take regular technique expanding continuing education to help with this. However, the best investment I have made is my Custom Craftworks Classic Series Elegance Basic Electric Massage Table.


The Elegance Basic comes standard with an electric foot pedal for raising and lowering up to 550 pounds. The adjustable table height ranges between 18 and 34 inches. The motor is very quiet and the standard upholstery and foam padding of the table surface are durable. Mine shows no wear after 4 years. It comes with a well-designed 9″ dual adjustable face rest with a base. This allows for gentle up and down adjustments for proper cervical flexion and support for clients. No struggling for you or noisy, abrupt adjustment for your client, which is a plus when you want to create a relaxing environment with minimal disruption.

The included table surface, as well as being durable, is comfortable for the client, even without the addition of the padded table warmer which I use for an added touch of plushness and warmth. I chose the lift back option because it is helpful for working on pregnant women and other people who can’t lie flat or are uncomfortable doing so. You can also choose the regular, non-lift option if you work with these types of clients and already have a bolster system set up that you are comfortable working with.  Another plus: the table is ADA compliant. 

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More on Ergonomics

When you have the right angle and height for your body combined with good ergonomics like working from your lower body for power and pressure–your hips and glutes and legs and abdominals–your force is more efficient and easier on your body. Plus the pressure feels more natural and inviting for the person you are working on.

Handheld Adjuster Option

I have the hand-held corded adjustment for adjusting table height. It’s helpful if you are on the table doing Ashiatsu or Thai style techniques. Do watch the cord though when moving around the top of the table if you have the remote hooked to Ashiatsu bars. I think having the pedal option for regular, next-to-table work as well as the handheld adjuster would be helpful.