You Time: There’s no need to chat.

You Time: There’s no need to chat.

If you need to talk during your bodywork session, to decompress or in order to relax, or if you have questions, that’s fine–it’s your massage and I’m happy to listen. But, I will not initiate chat during your massage. Though I keep check-ins regarding pressure and temperature to a minimum, we don’t even have to do that. At any time during the massage, please feel free to let me know if you need a change in pressure or other things I can adjust to make your session more comfortable. 

I know what it’s like to receive bodywork where there was chatting the entire time, where I walked away from it feeling I had benefitted very little and needed another session because I almost didn’t feel the work. That’s frustrating. If this has been the case for you, that chatting takes away from the experience of your massage, know that you do not need to chat or keep up a conversation during your massage with me. This is your time, time to completely zone out, if you choose. Whether you’ve seen me one time or 50 times, or haven’t seen me yet, you are totally free to just check out.  

As for music, if you’ve got tunes you’d like to listen to during your session, we can hook that up. If it’s on your phone, it will probably play via Bluetooth on my studio’s speakers. I also use Spotify, so we can search for the genre, artist or album you’d like to listen to. Or maybe you want to listen to your favorite podcast or an audiobook. Of course, I’m happy to pick the music if that means one less decision for you to make. I’ve made plenty of playlists that are relaxing without being full of twinkly chimes, babbling brooks, seagulls and whale song. And no Muzak. Ever. (For the record, I love whales and whale song, especially heard live, underwater–but in my studio you will not be subjected to a looped track of whale song for an hour or two.)

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