Customized massage instruction

If you’d like to learn some effective and very relaxing techniques you can do in between sessions with a partner, but without the need for a massage table or other special equipment, I offer customized massage instruction.

Some of my favorite quotes from a recent class for the head, neck, arms and hands were:

“This IS just what I need!”
“This is so amazing, I’m so glad I came.”
“Do I have to leave?”

We can customize what you’d like to focus on, for example,┬áhead/scalp and neck, arms and hands, or feet and lower legs, the latter which, among other things, could feature techniques you can use to help with pain and inflammation from plantar fasciitis.

These pre-arranged classes can be offered for 2-4 couples at my location (or I can come to yours). Your partner doesn’t have to be a significant other, it can be a friend, family member… Larger groups are also a possibility.

Contact me at 360.473.7516 or to discuss the areas you’d like┬áto learn techniques for and to set up a time. $35 couple for 3 or 4 couples for ~2-2.5 hours. $50/couple for 2 couples for 2 hours.