Energy Sweep

I use a combination of approaches/tools to help bring into balance your current energetic state to facilitate you living a more authentic life and in your true self. The following are some of the techniques I use. You may experience one, some or all of these in your session and we will never do anything that is a “NO” to you on any given day and moment.

Guided Energy Balancing: You may have heard of the terms Reiki, chakra balancing, energy medicine, healing touch and others. I prefer not to use any particular name as they are all working with the same thing, with good intention. I have studied and practiced several approaches to working with energy (there is a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which can’t see under normal circumstances and many of us aren’t aware that we can sense). My preferred approach is to open my heart, clear my mind (I take time and have certain techniques I use to do this before I work with you) and get out of the way, so to speak, to allow the energy flow through me, like a conduit. Done with intention and boundaries, this does not drain or otherwise affect me: I am a neutral conduit, or tool if you will, which is used to direct the flow or sweep it along and clear things out where they might be stagnating. During this energetic sweeping I may use a feather to sweep around you, I may use my hands around you without touching you, I may present you with a rock to hold I have found on my travels or ask you to choose from several. I may drum at a particular frequency that engages a meditative, relaxed state in your brain. I may play music that does this.

Dance: Yes, you read that correctly. Free, open, no steps involved dancing from your core, your Hara, your power. Everyone can dance, there is no right or wrong and if you allow yourself, your body, to move how it wants to, it can be very freeing, not only physically for your body, but also freeing for your mind, soul, and spirit. It helps lift the spirit and/or embrace your current state of emotions and thus process and move through the difficult ones.

Using movement is an incredible tool for helping to work through past trauma, through current and ongoing challenges and difficulties, through emotional pain, without any dialogue. This is a chance and space for you to express and move uncensored (as little as much as you want and are ready to) and to learn how to carry that forward, through practice (and I mean habit/ritual, not proscribed steps) into your life outside of my studio space, whenever you need it. You can make noise, you can be silent. You are in no judgment here with me, I am only here to hold space for you and to help you give yourself permission to be and to break out of self and outside imposed bonds.

Yossage: Gentle, restorative yoga poses. No acrobatics. During these poses you will receive intuitive, experienced massage from me. I will use my hands, forearms etc to help you relax and feel nurtured. My intuition and experience will help guide me where I need to work as well as where you indicate to me you are having trouble.

Though it helps if you believe in something greater/bigger, it is not a requirement to be helped by this work. I didn’t truly believe in a felt sense in something greater for much of my life. Call it God/Gods/Goddesses/The Universe/Love or “just” the interconnectedness of everything on a subatomic, quantum level (and that in and of itself is wondrous and miraculous enough IMO). There is something to this stuff. I was brought up a skeptic, though always inherently a dreamer, and educated as a scientist, but I’ve seen and experienced too much to doubt that there is something greater which we as humans will probably never really understand. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. And we can work with it.

I look forward to assisting you on the path to living your fullest life.