Gratuities are totally unnecessary, but thank you!

How come, Dawn? Money is good stuff.

I’ll agree, money is pretty darn nice to have. And I so appreciate your generous nature. However, I view the bodywork I provide as an important part of your regular wellness care, just like exercising, getting good sleep and brushing your teeth. It just doesn’t seem professional to me to be accepting money above my published fees of service.

Also, sometimes people worry about how much to tip or whether to tip at all or should they tip what they tipped last time (and worrying is really not the point of massage). That being said, if you would still like to tip I very much appreciate your generosity and will accept it. When it comes down to it, it is about what you are comfortable with and feels right to you. Either way, we’re cool. 

And, if you need a refresh on my rates, you can find that here.

70/hr   105/90 mins