Mission Statement

Do you need to escape, chill out and just breathe? Do you have tight muscles or a headache that is nagging you or screaming at you for relief? Are you recovering from an injury or accident? Maybe you have all of the above going on. Whatever the case may be, bodywork at Maire can give you the uninterrupted, targeted time and space to get back to functioning in your balanced place. You want to feel better, heck, you may want to feel great, or, if you’ve got that covered right now, you know someone who could use some assistance getting there. I’m Dawn Geula, LMT, owner of Maire: Massage for Life, and I’m passionate about my work. You’ve come to the right place.

Maire: Massage for Life was created as a sanctuary for the living, for those of us on a journey of self-improvement. No matter how far along you are on that path, Maire is a place to find shelter. Massage is about feeling good in our own skin, it’s about reconnecting to ourselves and being present in the moment, it’s about challenging the nervous system with touch and movement and mindful breathing to re-educate the body and brain to feel good, and to unravel chronic pain patterns. It is a natural human need to want to feel recognized, acknowledged and understood: we all just want to feel that we matter. I created Maire as a space to know and remember that, and in our crazy, busy, technologized lives, that’s big.  

From Ashiatsu (deeper, body connecting, barefoot massage using varying amounts of the therapist’s body weight) to deep lomi (a very relaxing and luxurious style of deep tissue), to myofascial techniques, reflexology, and Thai “yoga” massage, I call upon a variety of techniques. No two massages are the same and collaboration with you is central. Bodywork for me is an art and often a dance, an endeavor in which I find joy and feel honored to be practicing. I also use side-lying and seated techniques when those will provide the best approach. These latter techniques are wonderful during pregnancy, allowing mother to relax comfortably and receive nurturing care during a time of great changes and demand on her body.

The topical preparations I use in bodywork are carefully sourced, usually organic and often something I have created. Though I am not actively producing and stocking any skin care preparations at this time, I am open to crafting custom products on demand.  

I also love (and have a slight addiction to) continually increasing my knowledge and technique base through continuing education courses and self study through books, videos, networking and professional membership in ABMP, the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. In 2015 alone I completed 100 continuing education hours, well above the minimum required 24 over two years.