“Best massage of my life.”

“When can I move in?”

“I am so Facebooking this!”

“I wish I lived here so I could tell everyone about you.”

“Wow, OMG.”

“I just really think your massages are awesome.  I like the (skin rolling) technique–not sure what that’s called but I like it!”

“Polite, friendly, professional and knowledgeable.”

“Dawn has a good sense of how to deal with ailments.”

“I have had many professional massages in different cities/states and this is one of the best massages I have had.”

“Please keep doing what you are doing–you have a devoted following.  This is a very natural relationship for you to have and you provide a safe, enveloping environment.”

“A great pleasure to be around.  You’re a wonderful person and it shows in your words, tone, actions and overall way you present yourself.  You’re a delightful, honest soul.”

“Dawn definitely has what it takes.”

“Very communicative about what she was doing…she made me feel very relaxed.”


“Very relaxing and peaceful.”

“You have a gift.”

“Love the space (treatment environment).”

“She asked about problem areas and pre-existing conditions and listened well.”

“She takes pride in her craft.”

“She made me feel relaxed and very comfortable.”


“Great work on my hips.”

“I will definitely want to return for another massage.”


“She was very knowledgable about the type of treatment given…she listed to me.”

“Perfect for my needs.”

“My neck has been so stiff for so long I had to reorient afterwards since it is so relaxed (now).  It was wonderful.”

“Dawn has a happy spirit.”

“Needs to work on me weekly 🙂 .”

“I think Dawn is a natural healer and it comes through in her touch.”

“It was the best legwork I’ve had!”