About Dawn

Hello and Welcome to Maire!

I’m Dawn Geula and here’s a bit about me. I attended Bluestone Academy of Massage in Ellensburg, WA, a rigorous one year training program in Swedish massage as well as a variety of other modalities. I am experienced in Ashiatsu barefoot massage, deep lomi (a deeper, slower take on lomi lomi), reflexology, MFR, Thai massage, trigger point therapy, scalp, face and neck work, pregnancy/side-lying massage, seated massage and aromatherapy (for more on my stance on the usefulness and limitations of essential oils, see this post). All these techniques are wonderful and I employ a variety of them in each session, tailored to each client’s needs and goals. Ashiatsu and Deep Lomi are probably my favorite work–they are just very therapeutic, centering and connecting. In the summer of 2015 I spent an intensive week near Jackson Hole, WY learning Ashiatsu and then returned home to install some beautiful overhead bars in my studio. Come check out this body connecting, luxurious, grounding, elongating, and relaxing yet deep work. Many people who have experienced this work have remarked that it has been the best massage they remember having.

My interests also fervently lie in the herbal world–whether foraging, researching, or wildcrafting tinctures, teas, infusions, decoctions and other lotions, potions and notions. I also love custom crafting. Though I don’t directly incorporate these herbal interests into massage beyond using handcrafted oils, balms and liniments, they do color my world and influence the way I look at it. Future plans, among others for continuing education in massage, include more Ashiatsu, Thai massage in Thailand, focused neck work and chronic pain.

Other Educational Adventures

Before I was a massage therapist, I completed a bit of other schooling.  Eight years of undergraduate and doctoral study combined. These experiences in the hallowed classrooms, labs, clinics and hospitals of Texas A&M University and the University of Washington School of medicinebesides being a thoroughly fantastic (and I’d venture, rather unique) preparation for working with the human body and learning about people, health care, medicine, research, and the scientific process, also taught me that: a) wellness promotion and playing a part in that resonates with me much more than illness care and b) helping people within the limitations of insurance is not for me.

After that came a couple of fitness certifications, some classes in writing, courses and conferences in herbalism, and energy work. (Though I do not generally offer stand alone sessions in this area, I do think there are things on the electromagnetic spectrum we humans don’t quite understand or see, though there is probably something there “energetically” and the classes I have attended in Healing Touch, Access Consciousness Bars and Reiki I&II are some approaches to this area we in modern society seem to be largely unaware of. My point of view could be characterized as scientific open-mindedness couched with healthy skepticism and a large dose of compassionate empathy). So, yes, I’m very passionate about learning–I’d need to come back and live many lives to learn about all the things I’m interested in, or might be, but don’t know it yet. This love of learning will be reflected in my bodywork as I bring what I learn and my creativity to the table.

So that’s me. I’m very adept at what I do, but I may or may not be the best massage therapist for you. How do we figure that out? Read my post here, and feel free to call or email me.